Have you already found your dream BMW or MINI ? We strongly recommend a pre-purchase inspection: full body inspection: paint details, signs of accident cover-up, damage to chassis or under-body parts, technical status of car, Service history (running BMW Online Diagnostics sheds light  into the car's lifetime service history and reveals red flags, if any), confirmation of real mileage.

Know exactly what you are buying into: we will be able to inform you accurately about immediate investments and potential future costs and investments to keep your car in pristine condition. If we feel that the asking price is too high, we will also recommend you to negotiate or try to find a better deal for you. 


What we can offer you : 

  • Recommendations based on your budget and needs:  our goal would be to make your  BMW /MINI ownership as pleasurable and exclusive as possible.
  • Pre-purchase inspection of cars in Germany: in our experience, buying used cars from Germany is a value proposition that offers cars in excellent technical condition (very often with a warranty)  at exciting prices which are not common in Czech republic.  Here is the best part : we can check the technical status and service history of individual cars before any commitment is made. 
  • Import of cars from Germany: Since 2010, we have imported over than 100 cars from Germany, Switzerland etc .We have very positive experiences with buying cars from Germany's BMW dealers. We would be importing the cars for you. In case of warranty claims, you do not have to go all the way to Germany,  just come to us.
  • STK assistance 



Use your savings wisely, consider financing options for your vehicle. We are ready to offer you different financing options that will help you own your BMW or MINI without destroying your savings. We cooperate with CSOB leasing and can obtain loans at very attractive rates for our clients. Ask us for a non-binding quote. 



Insurance for your BMW and MINI: avail attractive discounts. We are contractual repair partners with insurance companies Kooperativa, Generali, ČPP and Česká pojišťovna. Feel free to ask us for a non-binding quote. We can negotiate attractive premiums on your behalf and give you recommendations.