Price for one working unit is 90 CZK. Service works are charged as per BMW AG recommended standards. 5 minutes unit of work  (AW = unit of work = 5´) 1AW = 90 CZK, 1 hour of work = 12AW = 1.080 CZK. We strictly adhere to workflows and time norms defined by BMW AG for all service tasks involving your car.  Get a free quote from us so that you know exactly what you will be committing to before making a decision.  

Pre-Purchase inspection: a detailed assessment of the vehicle before potential buyer completes a purchase. Inspection would include depth analysis of bodywork, paint measurement, BMW online diagnostics, verifying car mileage by comparison with data in electronic service history. For a price of 1.080 CZK (excluding VAT) we will provide you with a comprehensive report and an estimate of eventual future service costs you may incur. On request, we would also be happy to advise you whether your purchase is value-for-money. 

Prices for storage of complete wheels or tyres are mentioned for set of 4 pcs for a period of 6 months. Price of full disassembly of the rim includes (disassembly and assembly on vehicle,  disassembly and assembly of tyre and balancing.

Prices are valid from 1.9.2021 and do not include VAT. 

Kindly note: prices are for standard procedure. In non-standard scenarios deviation from the standard work process defined by BMW AG will occur.